Come along with us on a Journey to Joy.
God intended for you to live a glorious and abundant life.
Join the adventure on this seven-week trek to the pinnacle of joy
Each week, we will explore a different section of the path using the Bible as our map and Jesus as our trail guide.
Rejoice every day as you find the jubilant life that God desires for you.

Lessons from the Letters is about transformation. Jesus wrote letters to seven early churches revealing the path to a rich and satisfying life. These words tucked away in the opening chapters of the book of Revelation, are as relevant today as they were to the believers two thousand years ago. This work combines historical and cultural facts with contemporary anecdotal stories in an effort to connect timeless wisdom to modern life.

Do you wonder if there is more to life than just going through the daily motions and routines? Do you long for a life that is deeper, more fulfilling, more meaningful? What if you discovered letters that promise to bless you if you read them? What if you found writings that reveal the way to your most abundant life? Would you take the time to read and to study them? Lessons from the Letters: Living the Abundant Life invites the reader to explore ways to live a godly, spirit-filled life using principles outlined in the letters of Christ written to the churches of Revelation.

This hope-inspired book combines modern anecdotal stories with Biblical truths to help the reader to find the message alive and relevant. The book inspires readers to examine their daily routine, their beliefs and value systems, and the tasks of life using precepts presented in these letters to seven churches found in the second and third chapters of the book of Revelation in the Bible. Jesus Christ wrote these letters, through the pen of the apostle John, to actual congregations located in Asia Minor, an area on the western edge of modern-day Turkey. Although penned centuries ago, the words of advice and counsel in the letters prove to be as relevant to readers today as they were to the believers in the first century.

Lessons from the Letters: Living the Abundant Life takes the reader on a journey to explore these ancient cities to comprehend and capture the true meaning of the passages. This cultural knowledge gives greater depth and meaning to the words and illustrations. This book employs thought-provoking modern stories to engage the reader further to comprehend and apply the Biblical principles to their lives.

Joy Comes in the Morning: A Study about Hope is an interactive guide to the book of Philippians. This book allows you the space to ponder scripture and journal your thoughts and prayers. The study combines interesting historical stories with captivating Biblical accounts, revealing the intersection of our faith and the world. Use this book as part of your daily quiet time or as a starting point to dig deeper into your faith. Feel your joy abound as you see the words of the scripture from a different perspective.